Certified products and accepted substances

Greenscreen Certified™ for Cleaners & Degreasers in Manufacturing

Knowing which products are safer for workers can be a complicated task for manufacturers, which is why GreenScreen Certified™ for Cleaners & Degreasers was created for all industrial applications, especially the electronics sector.

ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Certified Electronics Manufacturing Cleaning Products

ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® evaluates chemical formulations across multiple industries and product sectors. A formulation’s Screened Chemistry score easily identifies formulations that are safer for workers, consumers, and the environment. 

TCO Certified Accepted Substances — Cleaning Ingredients

TCO Certified Accepted Substance List is a list of independently benchmarked substances that are approved for use in TCO Certified products and their manufacture.   


ChemWorks is a collaboration to scale the availability of chemical hazard information and certified safer cleaners & degreasers. Products certified by one of the approved programs are amplified to electronics companies on the free ChemWorks Registry.

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