Process Chemicals Data Collection Tool

Process Chemicals Data Collection Tool

The Process Chemicals Data Collection (PCDC) Tool, developed and piloted by Network members, is a free and publicly available standardized reporting tool that improves the task of collecting and managing process chemicals data. Network members invite all companies in the electronics industry to use the PCDC Tool.

Specifically, the PCDC Tool:

  • Creates a common format for consistent collection of information across the supply chain, enabling efficient exchange of chemical use information between tier suppliers and makes the integration of data into existing systems easier
  • Enables identification and quantification of chemical use, including those with potential for industry-wide elimination/safer substitution
  • Improves chemical management of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) audits as well as company and supplier insights into risk areas
  • Enables industry collaboration to reduce risk and prepare for future regulatory and/or customer request

The PCDC Tool’s data collection is built with data security and integrity as core components:

  • Users of the PCDC Tool can choose to have their data held securely and confidentially in the Responsible Business Alliance’s (RBA) third-party data platform under the security and confidentiality procedures outlined by RBA’s confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Suppliers can opt to share information with their customers through the RBA platform (business to business (B2B) communication) or direct B2B sharing
  • Some information on the RBA platform will only be available for B2B communications; other select data will be anonymized and aggregated (preventing disclosure of the associated individual company and/or supplier identification information) to create a global understanding of process chemical use

Download the PCDC Tool

Network members invite all companies in the electronics industry to use the PCDC Tool. Download the tool to speed up data collection and streamline communication among facilities and customers today! 

PCDC Usage Guides

PCDC Tool Instructional Videos

PCDC Tool Introduction

PCDC Tool Tab 1: Facility Information

PCDC Tool Tab 2: Chemical Product Information

PCDC Tool Tab 3: Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

PCDC Tool Tab 4: Chemical Product Ingredients

PCDC Tool Tab 5: Use and Controls

Instructional videos are available with Chinese subtitles.

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