CEPN Receives GIZ Grant to develop trainings for facilities deep into the supply chain

CEPN Receives GIZ Grant to develop trainings for facilities deep into the supply chain

CEPN is excited to announce we have received a grant from the Initiative for Global Solidarity, a program of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. This grant will finance a 6-month project to create chemical management and safety trainings aligned with the Toward Zero Exposure program, ready to deploy to supplier facilities deeper into the supply chain.

Protecting workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals is a complex, global issue that stretches throughout a supply chain that is both shared and widely distributed. Facilities deeper in the supply chain often lack the infrastructure to support productive training as well as active worker participation in chemical management. Driving industry-wide change starts with piloting effective ways to build capacity such that workers are consulted, informed, and actively empowered to protect their health.

This project aims to address a clear need to provide accessible, deployment-ready, practical training program on chemical safety and management aimed at both educating workers and supervisors on best practices.

Objectives around trainings include:

  • Improving awareness of and progress toward best practices in chemical management
  • Reducing worker exposure to hazardous chemicals in the electronics industry
  • Strengthening worker safety and engagement
  • Increasing and providing a means for the collection of data on chemical usage
  • Support suppliers in gaining market visibility/differentiation by aligning with the elements of the Toward Zero Exposure program
  • Develop local service provider’s capacity to deliver impactful and cost-effective training and advisory service

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