Introducing TZE V2.0

Introducing TZE V2.0

The Toward Zero Exposure program has just completed a major revision process to strengthen the program and increase its value to participants, resulting in Toward Zero Exposure Program Requirements and Verification, Version 2.0 (November 2023). Input from key stakeholders, including TZE Signatories, CEPN members, and CEPN's NGO Advisors, proved critical in shaping the TZE V2.0 updates.

With these revisions, TZE has entered a promising new phase. TZE V2.0 features simplified program requirements and greater flexibility to encourage broader participation. One notable revision is the phased implementation of Chemical Priority rounds, so Signatories will know in advance before committing to eliminate them and are able to choose when to initiate each round. Additional key enhancements in TZE V2.0 include alignment with other respected programs such as the Global Electronics Council's EPEAT draft criteria and the Responsible Business Alliance's SVAP for Chemical Management. TZE V2.0 also reduces complexity by clarifying and streamlining program requirements to make participation more accessible.

With these strategic refinements, TZE V2.0 is positioned to better support Signatories and accelerate progress toward the program's goal of protecting workers from chemical hazards in the electronics supply chain.

View the full Toward Zero Exposure V2.0 Requirements and Verification document here.

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