June 2023 Update

As we enter the summer, CEPN has been busy finalizing the 2nd Round of Priority Chemicals, and moving the Towards Zero Exposure program into its next phase. Our original three Signatories, Dell, Apple, and HP, are wrapping up their second year of the program. Our latest Signatory, Fairphone, will be reaching their first-year milestone next month. Meanwhile, we have identified a 2nd list of Priority Chemicals, continued getting the word out about the TZE program, and more.

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Second Round Priority Chemicals Selected

CEPN has officially identified our 2nd Round of Priority Chemicals. This round includes an additional 16 chemicals, joining our initial list of 9 process chemicals to be prioritized for elimination or substitution in electronics manufacturing. The chemicals were selected through a rigorous and transparent process conducted by CEPN members, stakeholders, and the CEPN Technical Review Board.

To identify the priority chemicals, the team began with a preliminary list developed from CEPN member companies’ Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), other publicly available MRSLs, information from CEPN’s Process Chemical Data Collection (PCDC) Tool, and stakeholder nominations. The nominated chemicals were then researched and screened against CEPN’s High Hazard Criteria, usage in the industry as solvents, and a high-level review of the potential availability of safer alternatives.

More information on CEPN’s 2nd Round of Priority Chemicals is available on the CEPN website.

Public Comment Period Underway for Towards Zero Exposure Program Proposed V2.0

CEPN is launching a public comment period for proposed major revisions of the Toward Zero Exposure program requirements and verification. These revisions are designed to help encourage greater participation and increase the value of the program.

The revisions include an updated timeline and approach for the implementation of Priority Chemical rounds, clarification of program requirements beyond year three, as well as the clarification and streamlining of several key aspects of the program's primary commitments.

The public comment period extends until 5 pm Friday August 18th. To review the proposed revisions and provide comments, please send a request for the documents to info@towardzeroexposure.org.

We welcome comments from all interested stakeholders!

CEPN Featured in SMT-007 Magazine

CEPN Senior Director Pamela Brody-Heine recently contributed a piece to leading global electronics outlet SMT 007 Magazine highlighting the work of CEPN and the Towards Zero Exposure program. As part of the IPC Publishing Group, SMT-007 is one of the industry’s leading and longest-running media outlets catering towards the global electronics industry.

We are thankful to SMT-007 for including us in their June Sustainability issue and for highlighting the importance of prioritizing the protection of workers from hazardous chemicals.

Read the article and learn more here.

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