Spring 2023 Quarterly Update

We hope you've had a good start to 2023. It has been an exciting, busy time for CEPN: In March, we presented our first annual report of the Toward Zero Exposure program, showcasing the impact the program has already had, as well as our plans for more progress protecting workers from exposure to hazardous process chemicals in the electronics supply chain.

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Introducing the Joint Chemical Safety Committee Guidance Document

We are thrilled to share that the Joint Chemical Safety Committee Guidance has been finalized and is now available on the CEPN website. Special thanks to CEPN's Initiative Group (IG1), our NGO Advisors, and the MDB, Inc. team!

The Guidance covers the key elements for developing and operating successful Joint Committees aimed at addressing chemical safety concerns in facilities. It is broadly applicable to any facility working to strengthen chemical management safety systems such that workers are consulted, informed, and able to actively participate in protecting their safety and health. The Guidance will also support Signatories of the Toward Zero Exposure program.

A Joint Chemical Safety Committee is an important communication link between workers and management and is a critical piece of a comprehensive chemical management program. Active management involvement creates and maintains interest in safety and health, as well as establishes avenues for engaging workers.

The Guidance document can be downloaded from the CEPN website. In addition, templates referenced throughout the document are available for downloading and use (and can be modified to meet a specific company/facility needs).

CEPN Meeting #14 Recap

On April 4-5, 2023, CEPN members from North America, Asia, and Europe gathered for the Network's 14th Meeting. We met virtually for two days, and on Day 1 welcomed CEPN NGO Advisors for a special session. The meeting's agenda included discussions around further advancing CEPN’s mission of moving toward zero exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in electronics manufacturing.

Presentation topics included Human Rights Due Diligence trends in Germany and the EU, and an overview on Open Supply Hub's platform, methodology, and how it can support companies with complex supply chains. Open Supply Hub launched in November 2022 and is an accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains.

ChemWorks: ChemFORWARD Partners with Apple to Share Safer Chemistry Resources

We are excited to share that CEPN Members ChemFORWARD and Apple have partnered to scale the adoption of safer chemistry used in electronics assembly worldwide. A new website, https://www.chemworks.org/, provides free access to identify certified safer cleaners and degreasers, as well as resources for formulators to pre-screen and optimize their products with verified safer chemicals.

The effort has two main components: A registry of certified safer cleaners and degreasers for use in electronic assembly facilities, and a free pre-screening process and report for formulators to help them optimize their formulations and prepare for certification.

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