June 2021 Quarterly Update

Activity is picking up at CEPN as we prepare for a busy second half of 2021 In this newsletter, CEPN welcomes a new team member and continues to seek a Senior Program Specialist to lead management and growth of our flagship program to protect workers in the global electronics supply chain from exposure to hazardous chemicals. We also celebrate recognition in recently published reports from network members including TCO Development, Apple and HP Inc.

CEPN is Seeking a Senior Programs Specialist

CEPN is hiring a Senior Programs Specialist who will take leadership for a groundbreaking program working with top global electronics brands to protect workers from exposure to toxic chemicals in the electronics supply chain. The Senior Programs Specialist will focus on responsibilities including new participant outreach, program execution and communications. The position will work closely with CEPN’s Senior Director to manage the network and its priority programs and initiative groups, including the safer substitution program, the process chemical data collection tool, and worker engagement and participation.

Check out the job description and let us know if you know someone who would be a good fit for this position!

Welcome Ginger Leib as Program Coordinator

CEPN welcomes Ginger Leib as our Program Coordinator, supporting CEPN as well as the Soil & Climate Alliance in communications, research, meeting logistics, team coordination, and project management. Ginger joins us following the completion of graduate studies in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. She brings experience from work and fellowships with a Boston city councilor and nonprofit organizations.

Apple and HP Inc. Sustainability Reports Mention CEPN Collaboration and PCDC Tool

CEPN is pleased to have been recognized by some of our closest collaborators in Apple’s 2021 Environmental Progress Report and HP Inc.’s Sustainable Impact report. We are proud to work with these leaders and all CEPN members in our multistakeholder network to assess the use of process chemicals, strengthen the culture of worker safety and engagement, reduce worker exposure to identified priority process chemicals, substitute those chemicals with safer alternatives within members’ own manufacturing processes, and ultimately reach deeper into their supply chains.

TCO Development’s Latest Impacts and Insights Report on ‘The Sustainable IT Revolution.’

On June 14, CEPN member TCO Development released a new 2021 Impacts and Insights report, “Navigating the Sustainable IT Revolution: The critical role of independent verification,” in which the organization examines the sustainability risks associated with IT procurement and the tools available to reduce them.

CEPN Senior Director Pamela Brody-Heine had the chance to highlight one of the key challenges in working to address health and safety within the electronics supply chain: “The clearest defining feature of the electronics supply chain is its complexity. It is common for over half a dozen layers to be involved in the electronics supply chain and supplier relationships are often not linear. The deeper into the supply chain, the more challenging – nearly impossible – it is to have visibility on what practices are being used,” she said in the report.

TCO Development will host a webinar on June 16 from 3-4 p.m. Central Europe Time. Learn more and register here.

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