CEPN Quarterly Update

CEPN Quarterly Update

Following the launch of our Second Annual Toward Zero Exposure Report CEPN has been keeping busy. In April, CEPN members met for Network Meeting #16, our Toward Zero Exposure Signatories are in the middle of their annual verification process, and we’re continuing to move forward with our work to develop new chemical management and safety training modules. Read on to learn about the latest updates, opportunities from CEPN members, and upcoming events featuring our work.

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CEPN members recently concluded
Network Meeting #16!

CEPN members and guests spent two productive days meeting at the Dell Technologies office in Austin Texas. The group reviewed Network progress since the last meeting in October and received an update of both the Chemical Safety Training and the Safer Solvents projects. There was an in-depth discussion and workshopping of the Toward Zero Exposure program evolving for increased impact, as well as exploring ideas for an industry wide MRSL.

We want to extend our deepest appreciation to Dell for hosting and thank you to all of our attendees for a productive and fulfilling two days.

CEPN Member Enhesa has announced a new module to expedite and improve chemical hazard assessments

The new module - Assess by SciveraLENS - helps companies make more efficient and more confident decisions about the chemicals they are using by having access to expert Chemical Hazard Assessments and instant list screening.

Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry’s mission is to provide better access to the information needed to make safer chemistry decisions. With access to high quality, peer-reviewed information about the hazards for each chemical and up-to-date regulatory and advisory lists for each screening, users can more efficiently identify problematic chemicals in their products, processes, and supply chains, compare safer chemicals, and make safer chemicals decisions.

CEPN members are eligible for a free trial of this new tool.

Learn more about Assess here.

Upcoming Events

This June CEPN Senior Director Pamela Brody-Heine will be presenting at two upcoming events to share the latest about CEPN’s impact, priorities for the future, and the Toward Zero Exposure program.

  • June 24th: Chemicals Management for Electronics USA 2024 by Enhesa. This two-day conference is designed specifically for companies working in electrical and electronic equipment, shedding light on the latest in the chemical management landscape. Find more information and register for the two-day conference here.
  • June 27th: CEPN’s Towards Zero Exposure Program and Priority Chemicals List webinar hosted by the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI). The event is part of iNEMI’s Sustainable Electronics Tech Topics Series. Participants will learn about CEPN’s Toward Zero Exposure Program and Priority Chemicals List. Register for this free, virtual webinar here.

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